Center for Resilient Children Resources

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children offers a variety of resources designed to promote resilience of young children, birth through the 8th grade, as well as for the adults who care for them. Click on the images or the resource titles for additional information.

Socially Strong Emotionally Secure: 50 Activities to Promote Resilience in Young Children

Now more than ever, adults must help children develop the skills necessary to navigate successfully through life. By focusing on building social and emotional strength, adults increase children’s resilience and prepare them to handle the challenges in life.  The strategies and activities in Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure provide teachers with the tools they need to help children become socially and emotionally healthy for life. Organized into five chapters, the activities support and build resilience in children ages three to eight.

FLIP IT: Transforming Challenging Behavior

This informative book by Rachel Sperry, MSW, with the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, is designed to support all adults who interact with young children. This guide explains FLIP IT’s four simple steps to transform challenging behavior in young children, 3 through 8 years old. Teachers and parents can help children learn about their feelings and gain self-control by using the mnemonic: Feelings, Limits, Inquiries, Prompts. Learn to FLIP IT with the practice pictures, reflection activities and real life stories inside.

Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies For A Resilient You Adult Resilience Journal

Research confirms the critical connection between the health and well-being of children and the adults caring for them.   Because of this important link, it is essential that adults take care of themselves so that they are able to provide high quality care to the children in their lives.

This journal is designed to meet adults where they are and take them to a place of greater strength and determination.   Through reflective readings, activities, journaling, and written responses, this book will uncover strategies for strengthening four areas related to resilience  including:

  • Relationships: The mutual, long-lasting, back-and-forth bond we have with another person in our lives.
  • Internal Beliefs: The feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves and our lives, and how effective we think we are at taking action in life.
  • Initiative: The ability to make positive choices and decisions and act upon them.
  • Self-Control: The ability to experience a range of feeling, and express them using the words and actions that society considers appropriate.

The strategies suggested in Building your Bounce: Simple Strategies for a Resilient You correspond to the reflective statements that comprise the Devereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS), a 23 item reflective checklist that provides valuable information about a person’s strengths.  This resource can be used by educators, teachers, parents, and any adult looking to support their own resilience.  Download a free copy of the DARS here


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