Transition Pathways: A College Program at Drexel University for Individuals with Autism

A $3.5 million grant donated anonymously will allow for the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute at Drexel University to become an innovation incubator for pilot programs to prevent young adults on the spectrum from falling through the cracks after high school.

Named “Transition Pathways,” the demonstration programs will help high school seniors and recent graduates on the cusp of living or working independently.

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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

In addition to weekly Wednesday sessions Child & Family Connections has added weekly Saturday sessions to their Parent Support Group for parents with a mental illness. Please help them to spread the word about this Free Nationwide Parent Support Group.

No registration required. Call at start of group (toll free 1-888-601-3515) or participate online at




CDC Awards $3.4 Million to CHADD

CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD was recently awarded $3.4 million over the next four years by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to serve as the nation’s clearinghouse for evidence-based information on ADHD. Read more at:



Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and their Families

Hillary Clinton announced a wide-ranging autism initiative—including screening, diagnosis, treatment, services, safety and legal protections for individuals on the autism spectrum across the lifespan, steps to ensure they are treated with dignity, partnerships to help them secure employment, support for families and caregivers, and a commitment to increase research funding to deepen our understanding of autism.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Support Children, Youth, and Adults Living with Autism and their Families

Parenting Day to Night—January 7, 2016

NYU Langone’s Child Study Center hosts weekly workshops on various topics related to raising healthy kids, managing behavior, and emotional health.

The next one scheduled on January 7, 2016 is “Parenting Day to Night”.   Parenting is more than a full-time job—especially for kids with ADHD. This workshop presents practical advice for getting through the day—from morning routine to bedtime—with less stress and resistance.

To register for this workshop and to view their schedule of upcoming workshops see:

How Do You Bounce Back from Setbacks?

Check out these ideas and tools for bouncing back and building resilience that are useful for both adults and children.

Source: How Do You Bounce Back from Setbacks? | Edutopia

Children See. Children Learn.

Children See. Children Learn.

Check out this PSA clip on ACEsConnection: produced by a Canadian organization. Read more at:

November is National Family Caregivers Month

National Family Caregivers Month 2015

This year’s theme is “Respite: Care for Caregivers“.

R     is for “Rest and Relaxation”
E     as in “Energize”
S     as in “Sleep”
P     is for “Programs that can help you”
I     as in “Imagination”
T     as in “Take Five”
E     is for “Exhale”

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‘Sesame Street’ welcomes new character Julia, who has autism

Sesame Street new character with autismSesame Street has introduced a character who has autism in a new online story. In the story, called “We’re Amazing 1, 2, 3!” Elmo explains his friend Julia has autism so she might act in ways that are a little different.

Julia’s introduction is part of an initiative called “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children”. Share this story and tweet about the ways in which your child is amazing with #seeamazing. Check out “The Amazing Song” video and read more about this story on Yahoo! Parenting.


Play without Boundaries at Please Touch Museum

PlayWithoutBoundaries2015Play without Boundaries at the Please Touch Museum this coming Friday, October 23rd, 2015.

From 6-8 PM, the museum will be open just to families of children with disabilities.  Children will be able to explore the museum without crowds, bright lights or loud noise.

For more information, call 215-578-5133 or contact


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