The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum

The Autistic BrainThe Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum by Temple Grandin.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 04-30-2013


Temple Grandin presents recent autism research from the fields of neurology and psychology and shares her own experiences living with autism.

Recap of Devereux’s First Annual Resiliency Conference

On October 13, Devereux had the privilege of hosting a conference, “Overcoming the Odds: Promoting Resilience for Families with Special Needs.” As a leading nonprofit behavioral healthcare organization, Devereux supports many of the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities. As part of our 100th anniversary celebration, Devereux staff and community experts shared a wealth of knowledge about family resilience with the Philadelphia community.

Paul LeBuffe, Director of Devereux’s Center for Resilient Children reflects upon the day:

Working at Devereux, I see first-hand the myriad of challenges faced by families caring for someone with special needs. This conference provided an opportunity for these families to come together and meet with a wide-range of professionals who helped them navigate their care-giving journeys.

It truly was a day of caring as my colleagues and I were able to interact with these families and offer education and support through workshops focused on critical topics like advocacy, medication management, legal issues, and social and emotional needs.

What’s more, we were thrilled to have New York Times best-selling author Judith Warner deliver the keynote address, speaking about her work with families that care for a child with special needs. We also recognized Dr. Dan Gottlieb, host of Voices in the Family on WHYY, with our first annual Devereux Community of Caring Award.

I want to thank everyone who made this conference possible, and encourage everyone to join us in our mission of providing hope and empowering lives for another 100 years to come.

Conference Program

Overcoming the Odds: Promoting Resilience for Families with Special Needs


8:30          Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:20          Welcome – Bob Kreider, President and CEO, Devereux

9:30          Keynote Speaker – Judith Warner

10:15        Break

10:30       Workshops

A.  Aging Issues for Individuals with I/DD – Pauline Adongo, R.N.

B.   Promoting Family Resilience – Paul LeBuffe

C.   Legal Issues in Planning for Individuals with Special Needs  –
Ira Fingles, Esq. & Lori McLaughlin, Esq.

11:25        Town Hall – Open Forum – Facilitated by Amy Kelly & Paul LeBuffe

12:00       Luncheon (provided) and guest speakers – Youth Voices

1. Erin Clemens

2. Kyshon Johnson

1:10          The Family’s Search for Meaning: Life with a Special Needs Child – Kelly & LeBuffe

2:00         Break

2:15          Workshops

A. Family Advocacy Gets Results – Frank Cervone, Esq.

B. Faith – Lester Weaver

C. Psychotropic Medications in Children & Adolescents– Marilyn B. Benoit, M.D.

D. Meeting the Needs of Siblings of Special Needs– Karen Brenneman

3:10           Community of Hope Award Presentation to Dr. Dan Gottlieb

3:30           Building Your Bounce – Susan Damico

4:00           Reception